Hone your knowledge and discover new ways to approach your creative multimedia projects. Enjoy 100% free online video tutorials and other educational material on DaVinci Resolve, mirrorless cameras, audio recording, lighting, motion graphics animation, compositing and more.

Sword & Shield Studio’s goal is to provide you with direct, to-the-point online video tutorials that not only explain how to do something, but also why. To arms! Let’s get to learning!


Professional Video Production work. Camera Operation, Lighting, Mirrorless Camera Photography, Marketing, Interviews, Events, Music Videos, plus more! We have the skills and equipment to produce your marketing videos, testimonial videos, commercials, YouTube content, website promotional videos, plus more.

Sharp, high fidelity motion graphics and visual effects. All done in DaVinci Resolve Fusion. Honestly there is real magic and almost endless possibilities of animation done within Fusion. Lower thirds, animated logos, titles, subtitles, motion graphics, footage post processing and composited visual effects. You and your customers will believe it is magic.

Crisp, vibrant photos and videos from a spectacular new perspective. 4K cinematic aerial drone video footage and high resolution HDR aerial photographs done the right way. All flights are conducted with an FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot with over five years of commercial drone piloting experience.