Trim Edit Mode | DaVinci Resolve 16 Tutorial

This week we created a video on our YouTube channel on how to effectively use the Trim Edit Mode in DaVinci Resolve to speed up your editing workflow. Using this mode you can achieve Ripple, Roll, Slip, and Slide edits as you would in other nonlinear video editing software. has uploaded a great explanation of each of these types of edits and how they affect your footage if you are unfamiliar with the concepts. While their instructions on how to access these tools are written for Premiere Pro the idea behind these types of edits and how they will impact your footage remains the same no matter what software you are using. If you want to know how to utilize these functions specifically within DaVinci Resolve, however, check out the video below:

As always thank you for watching and/or reading. It is our goal to put out at least one DaVinci Resolve related tutorial per week, and if things pick up some steam we will be expanding to produce content about general video tips & tricks also. So keep an eye out for that.

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